Web experiences you want your clients to experince and have.

We build engaging extensions for your business, that are always on and always ready to serve your clients. Our "client comes first" approach always puts your clients at the heart of everything we do. This translates to navigation, content and the overall experience your clients will have.

Our clients range from working in retail to architects and everything in between.



We stay at the forefront of all current technology trends, as we are extremly passionate about technology. This will cause positive effects on your business, if you allow us to properly implement such trends into your business. We review and evaluate our avaliable solutions and give our clients continued advice on possible improvements and new ways they can interact with their clients or improve their communications.

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Our flexible approach allows us to always deliver to your standards.

We have a very flexible and unique approach to website design and development, which allows us to work with a broad range of clients. Our ability to deliver working websites within a very short time has made us the go-to guys for getting web projects done quickly and efficiently. We work with our clients within their capabilities, to deliver great websites that grow with them and their brand.

We manage all of our projects via Basecamp, which allows us to effectively communicate ideas, changes and progress. We encourage our clients to continually review the progress we make, to be part of the process, to ask questions and share ideas. 

We take care of all aspects of your website, from concept to creation and the launch of your website. While we build great websites, they only stay great for as long as they are managed and maintained. Most clients do not have the time, internal resources or skill to do this. All of our CMS websites allow for the client to manage it. Most clients engage in an SLA, where we maintain and manage the updating of their websites to ensure that it stays relevant and fresh.

Our process is made up of:

  • Initial meeting
  • Draft Specification based on client needs
  • Wire framing and mock-up
  • Client review and sign-off on specification and wire frame and mock-ups
  • Content preparation
  • Design and development
  • Review
  • Final Adjustments
  • Launch
  • Maintenance

While we take care of the design and development, it is important to ready the content during the initial stage of the project. This is probably the most difficult task, compiling all of the information you wish to use on the site. Many past project deadlines have been delayed due to this. If you cannot prepare the content yourself, we can put you in touch with some great copy writing experts. They will assist you in the preparation of great content that will meet your requirements, that of your clients and will help boost your search engine ranking.


Features and services we consider important

We build and design websites that offer a lot of flexibility, from custom single page websites to full service eCommerce enabled websites. A good website will allow you to connect with your client effectively.

We have comprehensive experience integrating third party services that will extend the reach of your brand.

These include:

  • Social Media integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  • Email Campaigns and Newsletters (Mailchimp)
  • Video Service integration (Vimeo/Youtube)
  • Advanced forms and data handling (Gravity)
  • E-Commerce Services (Woo Commerce + Payment Gateways)

While focused on working with WordPress, we love building custom websites that have a high degree of interactivity. We love building complex, interactive experiences to make your clients smile.


Integrating social media & engaging with your clients

Most businesses realise that they have to engage with their clients via social media but often do not understand the complexities involved. Without a proper plan of action, they engage with clients incorrectly when the task gets handed down to someone with time in the office.

Your social media interactions become the persona for your business. The tone and message delivered here is the how your business is perceived by your clients. Planning your interactions is important to the overall goals for engaging with your clients via social media. We can help you create and manage a social media engagement that will serve both your clients and your end goals.

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