Creating great experiences with technology

Technology forms the cornerstone of all businesses. It is important to have the best possible solution, not just to function efficiently but when implemented correctly, it can give you a major competitive edge over your competitors. We have over 15 years of experience in creating compelling, small business solutions, utilizing the ever-changing arsenal of technology available.

We focus our services on small companies, as they are more agile and able to adapt much quicker as the technology changes. Our clients range from retail to architects and everything inbetween.



We stay at the forefront of technology as we are passionate about it and it can positively effect your business when properly implemented. We review and evaluate solutions and give our clients continued advice on possible improvements and cost savings that is available to them.

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Managed cloud-based services to give you the competitive edge.

In the past, we used locally managed servers to manage services like domain email, file/folder sharing and various application services. Now the majority of our clients use a myriad of hosted services that takes care of data sharing and retention, email services, accounting and a whole host of critical services required for a buisness to run.

Whether you need to host a website, have your email synced between all your devices and backed up online or a smarter way to manage large projects over a distributed environment. We have sourced and integrated great solutions for our clients, that have enhanced their business efficiency and their competitive ability to deliver more and have a higher quality experience to them and their respective clients.

While lowering costs is usually associated with running local servers and applications to fulfill business critical services.




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There are many other services we manage.


We offer remote and onsite support.

We offer comprehensive support in either a case by case or with a service level agreement. Our "SLA" clients receive priority service within 24 hours or less, depending on the options they have enabled. We supply premium technology that has a pedigree of extremely low failure rates and most support calls are of the lower-rated general software issues.

Our SLA clients networks and workstations are securely monitored and we proactively manage any security, software and hardware problems that my arise.

Our Services include:

  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Server Maintenance & Support
  • Remote Monitoring*
  • Fast onsite support
  • Fallback technology available (during extended downtime)*
  • We support both Apple and Microsoft work environments.
  • Manage third party solutions to effectively resolve software and cloud related outages and problems.
  • Installation services (networking)

While lowering costs is usually associated with running local servers and applications to fulfill business critical services.

* Covered with SLA based on options enabled.



* All brands icons and logos belong to their respective owners.



The right technology, reliable and cost effective.


We have a wide range of products and brands on offer. We focus on brands that allow our clients to focus on their core business and remove concerns about reliability and after-sales service, while offering the best possible user experience.

We offer products from high-end CAD workstation computers for architects/engineers, to network attached storage appliances (NAS) for sharing data with network users.

While we have a great love for technology, our focus is never on the "latest and greatest" but on what technology offers in real world environments and situations. We are not guided by perceived value, but by actual value and this reflects in everything we do.

Products that we offer:

  • Workstations and Mobile solutions
  • Network Equipment
  • Firewall and UTM Appliances
  • Specialist Servers & NAS Appliances
  • Software - Subscription & Full licensed

All the products that we offer have great support included either with the warranties from the manufacturer or via optional extended warranties from the local agents that manage the brands locally.


Network and Personal Data Security

For most people, security is an afterthought, as security breaches only happen to big companies that have valuable information. This is definitely a incorrect assumption, as we have over the last few years assisted multiple clients with compromised security and a case of identity theft.

Network and personal data security starts with the network users (staff) and ensuring that they are aware of best security practices. Browsing habits, downloading and copying of "cracked" software puts your security and that of the networks you connect to at risk too. We assist with creating security policies that ensure that your network is as safe as possible and to manage breaches when and if they occur in a efficient manner.

We supply highly reliable security and antivirus software, monitoring technology coupled with hardware firewall technology to secure your network from external treats.

There is also internal security and that is to manage and monitor your data from internal abuse. Most companies intellectual property is tied to data and with the amount of businesses that employ subcontractors should consider the possible risks associated with.

While there are no infallible security solutions, you can manage the risk and ensure that the chances of becoming a statistic is very very small.